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Scholars' Hope Foundation 

Building the Foundation for Success

Our unique program provides individual and small group support to our scholars. 

High School Friends

High Schoolers

Individual Academic Coaching 

  • Students will be guided through life skills that will help them actualize their fullest potential. Topics include academic planning, the importance of sleep and the impact of stress on our body, problem solving, financial literacy, and goal setting. 

College Readiness

  • Your student will be supported through the college application process, financial aid applications, and monthly featured colleges.

Career Guidance

  • A career guidance instructor will provide your student strengths-based assessments and lessons on featured careers to help guide them towards their passions and career goals.

Social and Emotional Learning

  • A credentialed counselor teaches your student the five main core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making skills. 

Diversity and Inclusion Education

  • Students will learn about the importance of our diverse world and how to appreciate our differences. 

  • Once you've joined our program, you will be able to connect with other families in your area who share similar stories.

Proven Results

Scholars' Hope Foundation, is committed to growth and has partnered with Claremont University Evaluation Center and its Director Nazanin Zargarpour M.P.P., Ph.D. on a five-year study beginning in 2015.  The results demonstrate that our Scholars consistently outperform their peers and are more likely to attend higher education even when compared to advantaged groups. Scholars' Hope Foundation is a model program that many communities can benefit from.

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