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Scholars' Hope Foundation 

Building the Foundation for Success

Personalized Support

Our counselor promotes self-advocacy for the scholar and the family. They are a personal coach who pays close attention to all academic and non-academic matters that could impact a student’s success in school. In addition to monthly one-on-one meetings, counselors coordinate with our teachers to provide the whole child approach.  If a scholar is struggling, academic counselors and teachers provide extra support and resources.

Because we recognize that a child’s education impacts the whole household, we also partner with families and link them with any necessary support services.




4th grade through high school graduation

We help open doors to the future

We develop potential and create access to leadership and career opportunities.  Middle school students participate in workshops that foster skill-building, leadership development and cultural identity and resiliency. High school students participate in leadership development workshops, focused on important civic and societal issues. High school scholars receive personalized career counseling, opportunities for career exploration and professional mentorship.



Providing options

We help scholars and families navigate the college application process. Our scholars receive customized intensive college counseling, ACT/SAT prep activities and in-depth financial aid/college planning services.

A track record of success

Every year, as we welcome a new student into the SHF program, another one advances on to college. As of fall 2019, XXX Scholars are attending XXX colleges and universities around the U.S. 


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