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Academic and Social Emotional Learning for Your Student is Within Reach

Get one on one & group coaching for your student with our highly trained staff.

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What We Specialize In

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has been proven to enhance a student's ability to succeed in school, increase prosocial behavior and decrease emotional stress. 

Social-Emotional Development

These are the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to find success in postsecondary education and to prepare students for the workforce.

College Readiness

Designed to establish open communication and self-reflective dialogue to empower students to thrive in challenging situations.

Personalized Coaching

21st century jobs will require essential life skills that line up with your emotional intelligence. 

Life Skills

We provide your students with individualized support designed to address their current and future academic needs.

Academic Support

What We Do

Here at Scholars' Hope Foundation

Through whole child instruction, Scholars’ Hope’s mission is to lay a balanced foundation for success through academic, social and emotional development to achieve personal well being, essential life skills and a lifelong love of learning. 


We utilize 1 to 1 coaching, academic support, and the development of emotional intelligence to support resilient, confident and successful students.


We do this by providing:

  •   Personalized coaching 

  •   Access to a SEL guidance counselor 

  •   Individualized college readiness advising  

  •   Career development and exploration 

Classmates in the Library

We are at a pivotal point in human history in which student stress levels are at an all time high. Help for your student is just a click away.

"As an upcoming high school senior who has been with program since elementary school, SHF is one of the friendliest, supportive and helpful programs I have ever been a part of. They have the most hard-working staff who build a safe, welcoming and family-like environment."

- Amaryrani, student

“It's not just another class they have to attend. It's where they are given the actual tools to go out out in life and succeed regardless of their background or social/economic standing.”

- Alicia, parent

“Scholars' Hope developed a kids'-advancement program centered around developing emotional intelligence, grit, curiosity, and belief in yourself, as well as forgiveness of yourself. These are all things that I'm a big believer in. ”

-Tony Gonzalez, SHF Ambassador & NFL Hall of Famer

Let’s Get Your Student On the Path to Success!

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