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Tony Gonzalez

2019 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee, Former Tight End

Studio Analyst - Fox NFL Pregame Show

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

October Gonzalez

Former Co-Host, Beat Shazam

Fox Network

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

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Meet The Team

Colleen Mensel


 President & Chief Executive Officer

Why Scholars' Hope is important to her, "I believe all children deserve a great education, but more importantly they deserve someone who cares."

Erika Enz


Director of Education & Operations

Why Scholars' Hope is important to her, "Because ALL youth, regardless of background, can be cultivated into competitive adults."

Candace Chromy





Why Scholars' Hope is important to her, "The future of our country lies in the hands of youth. If adequate acess to educational opportunities is unavailable to all then, we as a country, are missing the value those individuals can bring to our community."

Lauren Mensel


 Social Media Specialist

Why Scholars' Hope is important to her, "Every student deserves to be given a chance to unleash their full potential."

Mindy Ly


Operations/ Program Assistant

Jessica Peurifoy

Elementary & Middle School Educator


Liz Trenholm


Social Emotional Learning Counselor

Claudia Gomez

Program Psychologist