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Tony Gonzalez, NFL Hall of Fame Member 2019, Former Tight End 

One organization that is particularly near and dear to our hearts (mine & October's) is Scholars' Hope Foundation (formerly El Viento), which inspires and guides our youth to build confidence for success in education. I love that Scholars' Hope gives kids a chance, that wouldn't normally have that chance. I'm all about helping people out that wouldn't normally get that opportunity.

October Gonzalez, Former Co-Host of Beat Shazam on Fox Network

Thank you, Scholars' Hope, for all that you do!

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Tony Gonzalez

2019 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee, Former Tight End

Studio Analyst - Fox NFL Pregame Show

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

October Gonzalez

Former Co-Host, Beat Shazam

Fox Network

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

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