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Students become college ready by learning how to be responsible scholars.


Students in 5th-8th grades, work in cohorts with college interns, strengthening their knowledge in social emotional literacy, technology, vocabulary and mathematics. The goal is to fully prepare our scholars for their high school experience.


In high school, our scholars become college and career ready. Through a comprehensive academic advising program, students create an individualized college plan. They are guided through A-G Requirements, SAT/ACT prep, and financial aid. Our scholars graduate confident and informed. We also have a 100% high school graduation rate.

8071 Slater Ave. Unit 260 | Huntington Beach, CA  92647 | Tel: 714-587-9132 |

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Tony Gonzalez

2019 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee, Former Tight End

Studio Analyst - Fox NFL Pregame Show

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

October Gonzalez

Former Co-Host, Beat Shazam

Fox Network

Scholars' Hope Ambassador

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